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A Year on the River


Once known as "The River", before a dam was constructed for the production of electricity, Lake Wateree was home to many Native American villages for it provided a great source of food that was vital to their existence. Now adorned with docks and fine homes of those who once again sustained by its beauty and bounty.

Wateree Closed
Passin' it on

Little Peoples


Having the gift of knowledge is a great blessing because it is a gift that you can give as well as share. 

The "Little Peoples" collection celebrates the innocence of childhood, the lessons learnedand shared along the way. 

I Remember...

...the smell of the box of crayons issued at Arden School

...Mrs. Patricia Pollard placing the first brush in my hand along the instructions of how to use it and how to mix colors at Eau Claire High

CHRISTMAS Cardinal.jpg



To see a cardinal at Christmas is representative of a loved one who passed. When you see one, it means that your loved one is paying you a visit.


Christmas is that special time of the year that we celebrate, family, friends and the greatest gift God gave the world. 

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